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Customer Experience 2015

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Customer Experience 2015

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Well, heres a wonderful story of this in action, and it involves Joshie The Giraffe!

When Chris Hurns family came back from their holiday at the Ritz-Carlton on Amelia Island in Florida they unfortunately returned without Joshie The Giraffe, Chriss young sons best friend! Theyd left him behind, and as you can imagine this caused huge stress and problems sleeping!

Chris explained that there was nothing to worry about and that Joshie was having a little extra holiday and that he was fine. His son seemed to accept this and dropped off to sleep!

That evening the Ritz-Carlton called to say that they had found Joshie in the laundry and that he had been handed over to the hotels Loss Prevention Team. Chris told them about his little white lie about Joshies extra holiday and wondered if they would mind taking a picture of Joshie on a chair by the pool to prove it! To Chriss relief they said they would so now thats two people who could sleep sound!

A couple days later a package arrived. In it was Joshie, along with some Ritz-Carlton-branded goodies including a frisbee and a football! Also included in the package was a binder that meticulously documented Joshies extended stay at the hotel!

Seid wirklich gut und bringt die Leute dazu, dies engagiert weiter zu erzhlen!

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