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eTwinning : Our School Newspaper-young Reporters

eTwinning : Our School Newspaper-young ReportersThe 12th Primary School of Drama-Greece in collaboration with the Primary School of Kalos Agros.2nd and 4th gradersThe story of Christmas

Christmas 2016Class Discussion-cross curricular to:

R.E Language Cinema Art Music History


What do we celebrate at Christmas?The Birth of Jesus.

What it is the message of Christmas? Love Peace!

Who was Mary and where did she live?

A virgin young who lived at Nazareth!

Where is Nazareth?In the Holy Lands

Who was Joseph? What was his job?

The priests of the temple engaged Mary a to good man, Joseph. He was a carpenter.

Who was Gabriel and why did he appear in front of Virgin Mary?

He was an Archangel sent by God to Virgin Mary to tell her the good news. She was chosen by God to give birth to Gods Son, Jesus.

How did Joseph react at the good news about the Birth of Jesus?

He did not believe her!

Why did Joseph change his opinion and believed in the miracle?

The Angel appeared in his dream and explained him everything.

Where is Bethlehem?

In the Holy Lands

11.Why did Joseph and pregnant Mary have to travel to from Nazareth to Bethlehem?

On a donkey

Why did the Roman Emperor order the census?

For taxes

Joseph and pregnant Mary couldnt find a room in the inns of the city? Why?

There were a lot of people in Bethlehem because of the census

Why did Mary give birth to the Holy Infant in a stable?

They could not find a room in the inn.

Who were the three wise men and why did they want to meet the Holy Infant? What presents did they bring ?

Scientists from the East. They followed the bright star and brought :Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Do you know the story of Jesus Birth?The Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus made a law- a census, so Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem, which was the place they came from. In this city in a poor stable Mary gave birth to the Messiah as the prophets had told.The Angels were singing hymns to the newborn Child and shepherds went to worship Him.A bright star in the sky lead the three wise men from the East to the Newborn Christ.They worshiped Him as a King.

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